Here at CSDCA you get the best of both worlds:  a family friendly environment where everyone knows your name and EACH and EVERY student receives individualized attention and is treated like a STAR; while also receiving PROFESSIONAL training by adult teachers who are trained in both dance AND teaching.  Our students are molded into bright young performers and have FUN while learning the skills and technique of dance, acting, and singing!
CSDCA has been in business for  18 years serving the West Islip, West Babylon, Lindenhurst communities.
We pride ourselves in providing a professional environment for students to learn the techniques and skills of dance while still having fun!
We are conveniently located at 385 Sunrise Highway in West Babylon and can be reached at 631-376-0669.
All of our teachers are ADULT teachers trained as both dancers and teachers - why choose us?  We provide professional dance training at affordable prices.
We offer dance for the recreational dancer as well as competitive dancers.  We currently have 2 award winning dance teams - our Senior Company and our Junior Company and will be expanding to include a Mini company next year.
We offer our dancers the opportunity to compete in LOCAL dance competitions while allowing them also to participate in activities beyond the dance world.  We also participate in local events and fundraisers.
We also offer our students the opportunity to become 'triple threats' by offering private vocal lessons and acting classes

Policies and Class Descriptions

General Studio Policies:
-All classes are scheduled to begin and end on time. Students should be prompt to allow for proper warm-up and conditioning.
-Students are not permitted to chew gum during classes.
-Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the studio or reception areas.
-We encourage a feeling of mutual respect between our students and instructors, as well as between our students and each other. A good working relationship based on mutual respect is necessary for the well-being and progress of the student. Courtesy and good manners are expected and encouraged. Students are not permitted to conduct themselves in a disruptive or unruly manner. Disruptive students will be dealt with in a manner consistent with his or her age and maturity. The studio reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct (or the conduct of his or her parent) conflicts with the standards set by Center Stage DCA.
-Center Stage DCA will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles.
-We cannot interrupt classes or rehearsals for telephone messages unless it is an emergency.
-We encourage our parents to take an active role in their child's arts education. However, please understand if, on occasion, your child's instructor is unable to speak with you between classes, as their teaching schedules may be extremely busy. At those times, questions may still be directed to the secretary in the front office or, if you have a particular concern, you may make an appointment to speak with the directors.
-All students must be picked up promptly at the end of their class times. No student will be permitted to remain at the studio unattended if their classes are more than one hour apart. Parents must arrange for pick up if they are unable to do so themselves. We urge all parents to personally pick up their children in the studio lobby and not permit them to exit the studio unattended. If there is an individual you do NOT wish to pick up your child, please advise the studio.
-Photographs/ video of students taken by the Center Stage DCA during class time or performances may be used for promotion as advertising in newspapers, brochures, website, etc. It is the policy of Center Stage DCA not to use students' names on any promotional materials without a signed parent release form.
- No Cell Phones allowed in the dance room!
-All costume deposits are non - refundable.
-All registration fees are non-refundable.
A wonderful intro to the world of dance through creative play, songs & the basic techniques of tap & ballet.
Children will learn more challenging dance techniques in these 1 hour combination classes. Includes barre, center floor and across the floor work. Children will learn basic combinations in tap, jazz and ballet set to their favorite songs; an important and wonderful stepping block concerned with the growth of your child's dance abilities. Levels I & II are for the 1st year and 2nd year students respectively.
Designed for our younger students interested in one hour of jazz/ hip hop/tap/lyrical. Students will be introduced to basic  techniques for each style.
Designd for our students who have mastered the beginner level and are looking to expand upon their technique and skill level. 
Designed for our students who have mastered the intermediate level classes and are ready for higher level tehnique and skills.  Many of our advanced classes students must have the permission of the teacher/director to be placed in these classes.
ACRO: ages 6+ (all levels)
- focus on balance, tumbling, movements, and flexibility,
 build strength, acro technique combined with dance
Muscial Theater incorporates Broadway Jazz but adds ACTING , acting methods, and improvisation.

Broadway Jazz (all ages)
Students learn stylized movement from choreographers such as Fosse, Bennett, Robbins and Cole, who not only influenced the musical theater world but the entire dance genre. Curriculum includes an in-depth look into choreographers from various Broadway shows and movie musicals, learning the history and motivation behind the movement.  

Strenthening and Conditioning:  (all ages)
This class focuses on strengthening and flexibility as well as jumps and turns. Each week students experience various conditioning exercises that work on core, upper and lower body strength followed by a series of stretches that improve flexibility. Class finishes with turn, leap and skill combinations. All dancers, beginner to advanced, benefit from this class! 


Mini's  - ages 6-9- first time competition students.  students must be enrolled in the Saturday class.

Juniors - ages 9-12 - this is our intermediate level competition team - members of this team must take intermediate level technique classes *students must be invited to participate 

Seniors:  ages 13+  This is our advanced level competition team - dancers are required to take a minimum of 2 hours of dance a week and must take the technique classes for any and all styles in which they wish to compete.
By invite only.