Tuition is based upon a minimum of 34 weeks of instruction divided into 10 equal payments due the first class of each month.  While tuition is due each month, it is not a monthly payment, as each month varies in the number of weeks that it has (some have 4 some have 5).  To make it easier we have divided into monthly installments - the 9th and 10th month are due by May 5th and tickets to our annual showcase cannot be purchased until these payments are made.

Pay for the year in full and receive a 10% discount.

Registration Fee

Individuals:  $20.00



45 minute class = $45.00/month
1 hour per week = $50.00/month
1 1/2 hours per week = $60.00/month
2 hours per week = $96/month
3 hours per week = $138/month
4 hours per week = $176/month
5 hours per week = $210/month


Take advantage of our .....

Individual - $250.00/month
Family - $325.00/month

*private lessons are not included in the unlimited packages

Private Lessons


Private:  $50.00 an hour
Semi Private:  $25.00 pp
​Trio:  $15.00 pp