Summer 2019

 7 Week Dance Program

Summer Session Dates
Week 1:  June 24-June 28
Week 2:  July 1-5 (no class 4th of July)
Week 3:  July 8 - 12
Week 4:  July 15-19
NO CLASSES THE WEEK OF July 22nd - July 26
Week 5:  July 29-August 2
Week 6:  August 5-9
Week 7:  August 12-16

Classes Start June 24th


Priority Registration
April 13th - April 18th
April 13th: 10-1
April 15th-18th

Register this week and pay NO Registration Fee 

Saturday, May 18th 10:00am-1:00pm
Tuesday, May 28th  4:30pm-7:00pm
Thursday, June 13th 4:30pm-7:00pm
Wednesday, June 19th 4:30pm-7:00pm

Classes Start June 24th

Summer Session Prices
Registration Fee $15.00

7 Week Session
(these are the prices for the entire session not per week or per class)
Senior Citizens $50 for the summer
Mommy and Me $75.00 for the summer
45 minutes:  $100.00 for the session
1 hour:  $120.00 for the session
1.5 hours:  140.00 for the session
2 hours:  $160.00 for the session
2.5 hours:  $180.00 for the session
3 hours:  $200.00 for the session
Unlimited $230.00 for the session (individual)
Unlimited Family:  $280.00

    4:45-5:30  Jazz/Hip Hop     Ages 4-7
    5:30-6:30  Musical Theater/Tap  Ages 8-12

     5:00-6:00  Jazz/Hip Hop    Ages 8-12
     6:00-7:00  Lyrical/Contemporary  Ages 8-12
     7:00-8:30   Ballet/Pointe   Ages 13+  

     9:30am-10:30am  Active Aging Dance 55+***
     10:30am-11:15am  Mommy and Me***

      5:30-6:30  Lyrical/Contemporary Ages 13+
      6:30-7:30  Strenghtening/Conditioning Ages 13+
      7:30-8:30  Jazz/Hip Hop  Ages 13+

      4:45-5:30  Ballet/Tap/Tumbling   Ages 2.5-4
      5:30-6:30  Ballet/Tap   Ages 5-7
      6:30-7:30  Ballet/PrePointe  Ages 8-12
     7:30-8:30  Modern Ages 13+

**Mommy and Me and Active Age Dancing does not begin until week 2 of the summer session.


About Our Summer Program

We are so excited to introduce our NEW SUMMER program.  Our enhanced program offers ALL students an opportunity to succeed while having fun, under the direction of our professional adult staff.  Our regular classes run for 8  weeks (these are our 45 minute and hour long classes.)  Students will be taught the basic foundation of all styles of dance all while experiencing a fun and educational class.  

Our PreK/Creative Movement class is geared  towards students about to enter preschool or already attending preschool and are ready to learn basic foundations of ballet and tap, while learning socialization and listening skills.  This is the perfect class for an introduction to dance!!!!  

Our beginner class is geared towards our little dancers heading into kindergarten or first grade next school year.  Our little ones will receive the basic foundations of ballet, tap and jazz while participating in a fun learning environment.  

Our Intermediate Level Classes are all about enhancing the basic techn ique from earlier classes and adding more difficulty along the way!

Our PrePointe Class is designed to start the process for our younger ballerinas to work towards going en pointe*  Students will not be put en pointe until the teacher and the director determine the basic ballet skills are conquered AND the child is physically strong enough.  Our goal is to provide a healthy and safe way for students to achieve pointe shoes.  NO pointe shoes should ever be purchased without being consulted by our teacher and/or director!

Our advanced level classes are geared towards our students who have a substantial dance background and are looking to work on our more advanced dance skills  participation in our advanced summer classes does not necessarily mean that students will be placed in advanced level company in the Fall. 

Ages 1.5-3  
Mommy or daddy or special person and dancer work together with our dance teacher.  Every week our teacher will work with you and your child doing sing along songs, enrichment activity, dance, and story time.  This is the perfect introduction to dance and song, rhythm and counting, listening and perfect bonding time between parent and child!  Join us for this amazing 5 week program.  First time students mention our website and save $15.00 on your summer session!!!!

Our Active Age Dancing is geared towards our older dance fans.  Ages 55 +  We will focus on safe and fun movement in ballet and jazz and work on staying physcially active.